Why do I need a checkweigher?


If your business operates a production process to assemble products, then you are in the market for a checkweigher. A checkweigher is an automated piece of equipment which measures the weight of finished products at the end of a production process, and different types exist for virtually any scale and accuracy level required. In short, they are used to ensure consistency and quality by discarding any packages on the production line that fall outside an acceptable weight range. Checkweighers can be designed for basic and advanced applications alike, from simply weighing a line of products at the end of a production process, to providing various other data about each package that passes through the mechanism, indicating specific upstream process issues, and applying shipping labels.

Any business that wants to ensure the consistency of its products will benefit from implementing a checkweigher. They allow the user to monitor the performance of the entire production process with a final stop-check, and help to discover any upstream issues with the process as well – as indicated by a high number of rejects. Rejecting these unacceptable packages also ensures no sub-grade product makes it out the door and to the customer. This combination provides both cost savings and brand protection. Process issues leading to over/underweight final product can be quickly identified, and production can be put back on track as soon as the issue is resolved. Thus, cost can be saved by reducing the amount of time spent operating sub-optimally and ensuring excess product isn’t shipped out. The elimination of underweight packages being shipped helps to protect the brand as customers will not receive any product below the agreed-upon purchase weight, keeping the business and its name in good standing with its customer base.

Not only is it vital to maintain product consistency for customer satisfaction and cost efficiency purposes, but many businesses must keep product weight consistent in order to comply with legal constraints. Should your production process be subject to such constraints, then a checkweigher is an essential piece of equipment. Of course, keeping your company in compliance also helps to protect the brand and avoid negative publicity, but the piece of mind provided by an accurate checkweigher is of tremendous value as well. By implementing one, the user can be certain that any audits or facility inspections will not find them to be out of compliance – putting to rest a major, ongoing concern of any company whose products are subject to strict legal standards.

Perhaps most importantly, all the above-mentioned value that is provided by a checkweigher will give the user an edge over any competitors without. Product consistency, protecting and improving company reputation, reducing cost of operations and continual regulatory compliance are the most important ways to separate oneself from the competition in a manufacturing setting. In a business environment where consistency is king, a checkweigher is an invaluable asset for any production process.

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